Company Branding
A branding project for a fictional (for now) company who brings generations together, creating a community for learning. Ask Your Dad is a resource for people who missed out on some life skills.
The brand was built from the ground up using a friendly and inclusive aesthetic to convey openness and an inviting nature. 
Branding, UI, UX and Visual Design: Me (Alex Watts)
Mobile App

The Ask Your Dad. App was designed through a primarily mobile interface since the demographic for the app would be mainly for younger audiences.  The app acts as a home for creators to post videos to help others who might not have access to this information otherwise. 
Ask Your Dad. Booklet

The Ask Your Dad. booklet would be unique to each creator but created with a similar design in mind. The design displayed is an example of a booklet design. The booklets would be crated around 5”x8” so that it could fit in a standard pocket.

The brand’s letterhead would be an 8”x8” card stock to create a unique shape for a letterhead. The design was chosen to reflect the brand’s high quality and relatability.
Business Card

The brand business card would contain four panels to create a unique experience of unfolding a card for more information. Designs for cards would stay consistent, however, the information and image would change according to the content creator. The size would be a standard 2”x2” to fit in standard wallets.
Color Palette

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